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What Would a Foster/Adoptive Ministry Look Like in Your Church?

Every church is different.  But every church can do something.

Raise Awareness

Remember when you

didn't know?

Sometimes all it takes is finding out there's a need.  Next thing you know, families are signing up to get involved.


Now look what you started.

Offer Support

Got  small groups?

Offer one designed for Foster/Adoptive families.  Create a support network that provides wrap around care for kids and families. Train volunteers working with kids how to be sensitive to unique needs in their ministries.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Partner with Your State

Change the Dynamics

Simply asking your local agencies, "What do you need?" can change everything.  Diaper drives?  Renovating a visitation room?  Offering space in your facility?  You'd be surprised at how the relationship can develop.