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An Unexpected Gift

June 14, 2017

It was Mother’s Day and as I was getting our little ones ready for bed, I was surprised by a small voice at the end of the bed asking if she could call her mom. I got the phone and dialed the number. This young girl proceeded to smile cheek to cheek in anticipation of her mom answering every goofy question she asked.


In the midst of the conversation she began asking some tough questions, and then one I hadn't thought of. She said to her mom, “Do I have a family tree?” Her mom went on explaining in the most beautiful way how this young child was this beautiful tree will tons and tons of branches which represented all of the people who loved her. She talked about how my husband and I were part of this tree and how our family was also their family. She explained it way better than I ever could. She had every reason in that moment to be sad or angry but was filled with grace.


It was Mother’s Day and here I was on the phone with my daughter’s mother sharing with her about this unexpected gift I was given. Thanking her for her kindness and for the amazing way she was with them. I can’t imagine how painful this first Mother’s Day was for her.


She and I both cried tonight on the phone, we shared how thankful we each were for the other and how incredible this moment was. This is who God is. His hand was all over this moment and I am so thankful for the way He speaks to my heart.


Every situation is different and we can’t always include bio-families in the lives of our adopted children, but today I got a glimpse of how God can bless your heart if you allow Him to use you.


Now lean in because this is the good part...None of this is easy, but man when God gives you moments like this you will know without a doubt it’s worth it.




Marie Briggs, Mother of five, foster/adoptive mother of two, step mother of one, advocate, and Jesus follower.

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