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Meet the Team - Fostering Hope

August 1, 2018

Fostering Hope New England is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Providence, RI.  Our mission is to mobilize the Christian community to serve the foster care community, particularly by raising up foster and adoptive families who are equipped and supported to serve well.


Our generational vision is called Project ZERO: reducing the number of foster youth waiting for a safe, supported home to ZERO. To accomplish this, we help churches and networks of churches create sustainable cultures of foster/adoptive care ministry.

The founding of Fostering Hope was most definitely not part of our life script, but God had other plans. My wife Virginia and I had long desired a house full of children; yet, after many years of trying, our “baby room” remained empty. Heartbreaking though it was, we realized that we were among the estimated ten percent of American couples who struggle with some level of infertility. As we navigated these unanticipated and often painful waters, God brought us to a place of peace. However, we were left with the question, “What next?”


After riding this roller coaster for some time, we made the decision to grow our family by means of adoption. Adopting through the state was the only financially feasible option for us, so we obtained a DCF adoption license and, before we knew it, our first adopted son had come home!


Soon after, our family moved to Rhode Island where we began to take in foster children. Three of those foster children are now our second and third adopted sons and our first adopted daughter!

God used our experience in the RI foster care system to transform our perspective. We now saw foster children in a new light-they were no longer a mere statistical category but rather individual children each endowed with unique dignity by their Creator. In short, foster youth were real children with real needs who needed real love. Our hearts were gripped and we knew that we needed to do more on their behalf. But what could or should be done?

As we considered this question, an exciting revelation dawned: as daunting as the situation seemed, the need could easily be met-if people of faith would open their hearts and homes to these children.



Compelled by the need, we officially formed Fostering Hope New England. Since then, we have been amazed to see God working in such profound ways. Along the way, we have discovered many like-minded friends within the church community pursuing the same vision and are honored to join with them as together we seek to display the glory of God’s adopting grace throughout New England.


You can learn more about Fostering Hope at



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