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How Can I Support Foster or

Adoptive Families in My Community?

Missing Pieces

We often look at what we DON'T have.  But if we focus on what we DO have, we see many opportunities to share our gifts and talents.

What is it that you enjoy doing? What are you good at?  What piece of the puzzle DO you have? Start there!

Help Around the House

Meeting the needs of a child takes energy.  You can take the edge off the load parents carry by helping with household chores.  Bring a meal.  Mow the lawn.  Change the oil in the car. Wash windows.  Make a date once a week to fold laundry. Help with homework after school.

Gather and Share

Kids grow.  Clothes and shoes don't.  Imagine a Foster Mom being able to call up a friend who has collected clothes and shoes from the community and being told that, Yes, we have boys' size 10 jeans ready and waiting.  They will be dropped off this afternoon with a few long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts too.  What a relief to have needs met before they happen!

Put Some Fun Together

Whether it's taking a family out for ice cream, or hosting a backyard movie night for a group of families, hosting a little fun always lightens the load.  Watch the kids so mom and dad can go on a date.  Plan a beach day. Ask the families in your community what THEY like doing!